Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Aurelio Costarello

Designer show: Aurelio Costarello
Location: Billich Gallery, The Rocks, Sydney
Time: 6pm, 26 April
When Fashion Buyer Belinda Seper can’t get back stage quickly enough to secure a few garments, you can smell success a long way off. After a few season’s break from Fashion Week, Costarella returned last year with a breakthrough collection. It was heavily detailed and embellished, but the most famous item turned out to be a silk organza striped bolero, made from a Victorian mosquito net. Luckily enough, there were no mosquitoes to be worried about this evening. Costarello loves his intricate patchwork corset tops, jet embroidery, and raw linen. The Billich Gallery was transformed today from art to chic... From calm open-spaced culture, to packed debutantes and paparazzi. But most obviously, from $50,000 paintings to fashion goodie-bags containing MAC make-up, Goldwell hair-gel, and an apple - but it was worth it.


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