Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lisa Ho

Designer show: Lisa Ho
Location: Town Hall, corner of Park & Market Street, Sydney
Time: 9pm, 26 April
It's 9pm, and we’ve already attended 5 shows, but we’d be fools if we’d miss an invite to a Lisa Ho show. Not merely because we love her work, and find her dresses incredibly beautiful, but because of the fabulous way a Lisa Ho show is usually set up. Last year we were surrounded by live songbirds, and plunging green plants hanging off the ceiling; it had the atmosphere of Lord of the Rings. Tonight, again inside Sydney’s Town Hall, the scene is contemporary with live butterflies placed around the entrance hall... Sydney’s elite fashion crowd is looking hotter and more glamorous than ever. Slinky evening dresses. Silks. Metallic-embroidered multi-fabrics with abstract designs... So what’s new we hear you scream? Well, it’s all so gorgeous, who cares? And how Adam Worling controlled the crowd again this year we’ll never know... The peasants are revolting! Let them eat cake!


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