Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Alannah Hill

Designer show: Alannah Hill
Location: Harbour Room, Passenger Terminal
Time: 8pm, 26 April
When a fashion designer gets editorials from Vogue Living inspired by her, you know it’s a sign of a developing signature work. To us, her collections are almost a caricature of her own designs, with the overdose of frills, lace, sherbet pink and burgundy velvets. The type and kind of which you’d never even imagine in the finest Louisiana bordello. Where this collection was different from her past shows was the brave usage of more solid colours – particularly at the beginning of the show… Scary black, pure white, blood red and eco-friendly green. A beautiful first for her, which unfortunately dissolved into her traditional pretty curtain-fabric flowers (lovely though they may be). Floral – but thank goodness it’s not Laura Ashley.


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