Friday, April 28, 2006


Designer show: Bowie
Location: Cargo Hall
Time: 3pm, 28 April
A 3-minute taxi ride from Chifley Plaza back to Circular Quay may seem a tad over-the-top under normal circumstances. But think 6 inch high heels, and the same route walking becomes a painful nightmare. Although we’d taken a break since Goot’s early show this morning, ‘The Fashion Week Symptoms’*) were evident as we walked into the showroom. Bowie was next on the agenda; a well-travelled designer, who has been based in Surry Hills since the launch in 1999.

His collection, called Pocahontas, brings out bo
th classic appearances and a unique twist.
When t
he show begins, a surprise awaits us. Instead of a rather anonymous backdrop wall where models escape to undress, a window opens up to the harbour. As we enjoy the fresh smell of sea air, famous silhouettes of the Opera house, blue water and sailing boats appear in our vision. Perhaps Bowie had taken a cue from the costumes in Master and Commander? A nautical theme was certainly the inspiration today.

Guys – tanned and muscular - were dressed like merchant sea men in stripy mid-waist trousers, low-necked shirts and waistcoats in navy and light grey. Girls, with romantic tousled hair, looked as though they were windswept from a long day out at sea. With all the traditional nautical colours, we were treated to some unexpected positive surprises of cerise mixed with red.


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