Friday, April 28, 2006

Josh Goot

Designer show: Josh Goot
Location: Chifley Plaza, Sydney
Time: 9am, 28 April
Looking immaculate early in the morning is a hard ask for most people, but when a
highly acclaimed fashion show requires our attendance, an early rise seems less tedious. Josh Goot was the winner of the LMFF designer award in 2005, we made a brief comment about it here. Onto his third collection in total, the show we’re attending today is a show we’re really excited to see. Expectations from 2005 are high; it’s not every day a fashion designer gets to showcase his virgin collection at an individual show at MAFW. Not every day do they make it to the cover of Women’s Wear Daily either.

fley Plaza is the location this morning. The showroom – a perfect location for Goot – recalls a feeling of an open spaced art studio where windows and sunlight brighten up the show. Goot’s signature pieces, a futuristic silver jersey range, are as unmistakable as they are weirdly wonderful. An introduction today is a light merino viscose blend, which has been developed especially for this collection.

Key colours are eggshell to light grey, as well as Goot's
'trademark silver'. Pale, almost washed-out shades of pink, apricot, yellow and green are brought out to give the 90’s 'gym gear' a bit of revival. Super high heels – the models struggled to walk – gave the sporty appearance an extra tweak. Worn by the girl- next-door, you wouldn’t look twice at any of this, but think Samantha Harris, and it all seems hipper than hip. Considering Goot wins his fans from the slouchy, sporty and comfortable habitat, our tag line “Style is everything, comfort is nothing” is a place where he won’t gain many supporters.


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