Sunday, March 27, 2005

Super Markets

One of many wonderful shopping spots for fashionistas are markets. But just like anything else, you need to know which one to go to as most markets are - let’s be honest - filled with debris. London has its Portobello, Kensington and Camden Lock. These are fabulous spots to go to. And perfect for those of us who want to increase some of that boho collection we’ve ended up with. You can with no difficulty spend whole days in these places. In Madrid you get brilliant El Rastro and in Bangkok there’s Chatuchak market. Hong Kong has its Kowloon night market.

Over in our part of the world, we get tons of markets. And trust us, most of them are not worth the visit. This time, completely out of sheer luck, we ended up in Milsons Point market on Easter Saturday. The weather was glorious; people were in such good Easter spirit, happily chatting away to anybody that would walk past. Food was great. We spotted the usual market debris of course, but a lot of more valuable things. Our favourite stall was selling Sarah-Jane clothing. Sarah-Jane is a Sydney based designer, describing her own collection as “Bohemian chic, up-market hippy”. There was a huge sale of her designs. Most things <Ed: most likely off the back of a truck> had reductions of up to 90%. Our pick of the day was a stunning pure silk, ankle length dress. It was black and had beads and sequins hand embroidered into the neckline. With the price, 35 AUD and a reduction from 239 AUD (the price tag was still on), we couldn’t let this one go (view some of the dresses similar to this one here). “Him indoors” ended up with a few pairs of good quality socks from Ralph Lauren. In all a very lovely way to spend an Easter Saturday, resulting in more fantastic investments to compliment the rest of our collection.


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