Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Swedish Style in Melbourne

Runways don't necessarily have to be associated with glamorous, stiff models, swanning up and down the podium in gala evening dresses. The shows can also be presented as though you're just coming out from the gym, running for the bus, or as if you're heading down town for your weekly shopping spree. The real story behind this week's Melbourne Fashion Festival is the industry that hangs off it. The prime focus of the show is the consumers; the second is the designers. We've had a look at the "Swedish Style" selection, as it's formally called. The introduction to some of these designers and labels, was published here not long ago. Maria Westerlind and NYS (no website found) showed some colourful numbers. The style is all tongue-in-cheek, a bit retro, very 60's inspired to be precise, yet at the same time modern with new cuts, patterns and combination of colours. Pale pastels with contrasting bright accessories are something that always work, and they were also a common theme for this event. In all, very attractive for younger customers, perhaps less suitable for more mature women. The rest of the pictures from this show can be obtained here - Enjoy!

Below: The two girls to the left, Maria Westerlind. To the right, NYS.


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