Thursday, March 24, 2005

P O U R - The Launch Party

Hurdie-Gurdie-Burdie-Gurdie...Yes, these were the words that could be recognised on Tuesday evening at Swedish label P O U R's launch party at Spacejunk, right in the centre of funky fashion district Darlinghurst, Sydney. It was a great evening with delicious fruit cocktails, and a perfect, flashy showroom for the event. The cosy boutique was filled with a mass of international designers & clientele. And here is our exclusive interview with the Executive distributor of the label, Mattias Friberg at Feber Distribution.

coolchiq: What has your fashion label achieved since it's beginning?
P O U R: Including this most recent one, P O U R has launched 8 collections.

coolchiq: The company logo is an X, does this symbol have a particular significance?
P O U R: The designer Robert Berggren, has a special passion for crucifixes, hence the well known logo on most garments. It's a clear brand recognition that makes it easy to find the design and the label.

coolchiq: What are the potential clients for P O U R in Australia?
P O U R:
The age group is of no significance. The label is most likely to appeal to romantic outsiders, who are looking for basic clothing with a bit of an edge. Key indicators are the mix of a bohemian look with a sophisticated attitude. Jackets with jeans and chinos are components of the most important garments. The mix of silver and leather accessories, in combination with the garments gives the collection its real attitude. The big inspiration for P O U R, the Beatnik Generation, had a strong personality. P O U R's customers are likely to have the same personality.

coolchiq: What is the label's success in other countries and what is the potential future of the business in Australia?
P O U R: With the extremely well cut design and fine quality, P O U R has been recognized as a high quality mainstream label in Europe. Australia and New Zealand are countries that are in desperate need for a brand like P O U R. I'm hoping for the same response that we've received in Europe so far.

coolchiq: Finally, what could Swedish design contribute to in Australia?
P O U R:
Fine quality and well cut design, where details on the garments make the items attractive and give that little bit extra nuance.

"...P O U R was from the start set out to be a collection of our favourite clothes, stuff we would want to wear year after year. The garments seem to be simple classic, grey sweatshirts, chinos, pinstriped suits, army knits or drainpipes, but with a somewhat bolder cut and attitude. Still based in Swedish textile soil, P O U R now presents its 8th collection. In 2003, P O U R was awarded one of the fashion awards of Swedish lifestyle magazine Café and is today distributed all over Europe.

The collections are inspired by romantic outsiders, strong characters who have followed their conviction, no matter what, such as Nick Drake, Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Jackson Pollock. The inspiration comes mainly from the era of the Beatnik generation. "On the road" by Jack Kerouac, is all time favourite book of the designer Robert Berggren. Books about the art tattooing is another source of inspiration for this collection. Robert collects tattoos, as well as crucifixes. And the symbol of P O U R can be seen as a concreted cross, but also resembles a "spread eagle". P O U R is not a logo driven brand. It's all about the fit, the perfection of details in the cut..."
Below is a picture from the event. View more their selection of images here.


Blogger daniel said...

Glad Påsk på er i värmen!

Ni får köpa en GameCube tills vi dyker upp helt enkelt. :)

10:54 pm  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Game Cube star pa (Min) var shoppinglista i alla fall!:)

11:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Här kommer en påskhälsning från ett vårvackert Övik. Vi har suttit och läst dina välskrivna artiklar på denna sida och "dagboken" på den svenska hemsidan. Vi saknar Er

Glad Påsk

Mamma, Vicke, Patrik, Anette och Moa

9:01 am  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Hej, vad kul att ni laser det jag skriver! Ha det sa bra i pask, har ar allt finfint i varmen, vi har haft lite "ovader" med ca 20'C 'kyla'...Kan man ju faktiskt sta ut med! Puss

8:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It pretty much covers Replica related stuff.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

enjoyed it and I will be adding it to my favorites. I have a really cool

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