Monday, March 21, 2005

Stylish Investers

Company uniforms are usually about blending in. In our view, they are often associated with in-expensive looking, ill fitted designs, usually with the purpose of featuring the company’s logo only; nothing else. Thankfully, the leading business people of today seem to realise the value of style, and they are now taking a step further in this direction. All of a sudden, companies with a very customer focused business - air lines in particular - are buying into the idea of the hidden investments that may come in this change of approach. The trend is to invest in cool designs for employees in order to strengthen the company image.

When fashion designers get in on this act, we see stunning results. Richard Tyler did a terrific job in the creation of Delta Air Line’s costumes not long ago. View some of the out fits and our review of this here. Australian designer Morrissey’s work for Qantas Air Line has been truly unique with aboriginal prints on shiny silk dresses. The outfits are also very well tailored and they look a billion dollars. His outfits for Qantas have been a great representation for the company, as well as for Australia. As of next year, Air New Zealand staff will be decked out in uniforms designed by the New Zealand label Zambesi. The collection for this, is in black and grey with discreet details, cropped jackets and pencil trousers. Although you can see that a lot of work has gone into the design, it is still very low key and fits in perfectly in the cabin. To finish this off, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia have assigned Lisa Ho to come up with a company outfit. This will surely be a tremendous face lift from the usual bank manager outfits, as Lisa Ho has done some absolutely stunning work in the past. More of Lisa Ho’s designs will be published here soon.


Blogger Barneys Girl said...

Oooo Lisa Ho!! I remember her. My mom was very fond of her back then. Used to visit her shop at QVB everytime we go there. Lucky Commonwealth bank workers. .

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