Wednesday, March 16, 2005

And More Swedes...

Yes, we know - Swedish this, Swedish that… But we’re on a roll now, so we might as well continue. Funkis, another Swedish company are introducing themselves to the Ozzies. Funkis is a label more commonly known for it’s specialism in textile and patterns. It's used more often in furniture design, rather than in the fashion industry. Should you be in the Sydney area until 28 March, our recommendation is to get down to the Stand Arcade 412-414 George Street, and enjoy the texiles and accessories. Simply be there or be square.

Swedish label POUR may not be as poor as the name suggests. Because this label is welcoming us to a launch party on 22 March at Space Junk. Hurrayyyy!


Blogger Anton said...

Hellloooo over there! Forget the fashion for a sec and answer our e-mail please!! We are so curious! How are things?! Kramar från Malin & Anton

4:38 am  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Hej Sotnosar, Farlat, forlat, forlat...Vi ska givetvis skicka en lang rapport omedelbums:)

11:20 am  

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