Sunday, March 20, 2005

New Pop Stars

Another Juicy Tube competitor has been released! Yes, we can't wait to test Estee Lauder's Pure Pops Brush-on Colour Gloss. The lip gloss is available in ten different candy looking colours, according to the rumours, all deliciously scented and berry flavoured. Lancome's Juicy Tube has been around for three years now, but still to this day, there are not many lip glosses that have managed to over power Lancome's miraculous gloss since the release. An interesting move from Estee Lauder, even more so if the result is really impressive.

Update 2005-03-23: The lipgloss is not as thick and much less sticky than Juicy Tube. We found that Estee Lauder's Gloss wore off almost immediately. In addition to this, the gloss transformed into a clear, see through surface, no matter what colour we tried; un-impressive. Lancome's Juicy Tube still keeps its "Number One position" in this category.


Blogger Leith said...

My friend bought some and it was only $18 (much cheaper than a juicy tube). I steal it all the time and it's a great lip gloss.

2:46 am  
Blogger Ablund said... I got something to look forward to at my lunchbreak...NK here I come!

7:25 pm  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Yes, NK must have it! The lip gloss looks and smells delicious...

8:55 pm  
Blogger CrankyBiscuit said...

You know, to this day I still have not tried a Juicy Tube. I feel so behind the times! Is it sticky?

6:27 am  
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