Sunday, February 06, 2005

Delta Fashion Force

The Plaza, New York runway, 4 February 2005 - By the looks of things, we'll be seeing some fairly stylish looking Delta Airline air stewardesses early next year. The American airline must be totally over the moon with their outfit move; Richard Tyler was assigned the job to create their new airline outfits, clearly a wise move indeed. Tyler has been known in the 'red carpet business' for many years, designing dresses for the likes of Catherine Zeta Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Heather Locklear, etc. He's also won many fashion awards for his designs.

From what we could see on the runway, the outfits showed a very functional but elegant style; the full colour scale varied from midnight to navy, red, platinum and gold. Going from the light grey uniforms of the company's past, this is now an obvious driver to the airline's transformation plan. Naturally there's always two sides of the coin; the negative side is that we're guaranteed an increase in the ticket fare. The bonus is that we'll get served by stylish flight attendants!


Blogger Sparkle said...

Oh, no! That is not good to have something like that, that will raise prices. I no like. (They look nice.)


4:43 am  
Blogger MP_Host said...

It time they spiced up the stews. I remember hearing many stories about the mile high club and stews.

Barbie J

9:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally some stylish looking air stewardesses!

9:54 am  
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