Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Champagne Brunch Anyone?

God Almighty. It sounds like we’re going to have some fairly busy days ahead.... The USA International Fashion Shows have their opening party in New York tomorrow, Wednesday 2 February. With activities such as the Champagne Fashion Brunch it makes us wonder why we’ve not already booked ourselves in. The shows will carry on until 8 February. Unfortunately the website is tedious and uninformative, but you can visit it here should you feel adventurous. Let's hope the Fashion designs are an improvement on the web design.

Londonedge, the trade event for club wear and alternative street wear, starts on 4 February and runs for 3 days. The show will focus on specific customer groups, such as gothic, punk, rock-a-billy, heavy metal etc. Londonedge runs concurrently with the Urban Wear trade fair, and London Front Cover’s Fashion Trend exhibition.

The Helsinki International Fashion Fair, in co-operation with Helsinki Fashion Weeks, opens up on 4 February and runs through to 7 February. Undoubtedly we’ll be forced to view some Marimekko, but on a more import note, we’re hoping to see some fur! The Finnish ladies; they do know their good quality endangered species.


Blogger Moca said...

Thanks for the informative links. I agree with you on the less than artistic USA International Fashion Show site. I am dying to go to the NY Fashion Shows. What an experience that would be! Do you have any info on any upcoming NY Shows?

4:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the Champagne Fashion Brunch. The show was beautiful, the food was delicious, and we met some very interesting people from Australia and Canada.
A. Keller, Zurich

12:26 pm  
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