Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jil Sander Wears Heavy Metal Heels

If it weren't for the guys over at Hintmag we would never have found these metallic bronze patent leather stilettos. Trying to make some sense out of Jil Sander's teutonic website seems even harder than reading an old business spec from her countrymen at SAP. But back to the shoes now - we can’t get these stilettos out of our heads. By the looks of things you couldn’t possibly stand up in them either... but who cares, as we always say "Style is everything, comfort is nothing", right?

Thank you Jil Sander, oh and thank you Hintmag! And thanks for nothing SAP!

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Anonymous Cincinnati Art Museum said...

Like the blog. Just wanted to post an event at the museum I work at, the Cincinnati Art Museum.

June 2- August 12
Runway fashion and art will meet for a display of avant-garde Japaneese designers through the exhibition:
Where Would You Wear That?
The Mary Baskett Collection

“These designers created some of the most forward-looking fashions that are wearable works of art,” said Cindy Amneus, curator of costumes and textiles.

Featured in the exhibition is internationally renowned designer Issey Miyake, known for his innovative garment pleating technique introduced in 1993 as the Pleats Please line. Visitors will get an up close look at several of Miyake’s designs which challenge the conventional idea of garment making and highlight the relationship between the body and fabric.

Lots of fun and gorgeous exotic fashion.

4:04 am  
Blogger ChiliLady said...

I'm treating my closest friends to this great invitation! Click here:

7:16 pm  
Blogger Alex Richards said...

Those shoes are so fabulous, I'm practically drooling.
The old "fashion over function" thing motto definitely applies though!

12:45 am  
Anonymous Barbara said...

I hate orange, but I want these shoes!!!

1:09 pm  

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