Sunday, March 11, 2007

Vogue for TopShop for Vogue...

Sassy images of Kate Moss in a tie-back tuxedo-waistcoat evening dress, a stripy “busboy” jacket with matching shorts, and a pair of flared satin glam-rock trousers... Well, Vogue’s April issue is likely to give sales figures a serious up-swing through the exclusive interview and fashion-shots of Kate Moss herself. While it's no secret that the fashion-bible is doing better than ever, the transparent co-work that seems to be going on between international fashion sources one another, strikes us as a more interesting observation. Vogue is referring to TopShop, and at the same time the High street chain is encouraging readers to pick up the latest issue of Vogue. Clearly the industry feeds of each other, but it's not often as obvious as this.



Anonymous Helen said...

You know, I much prefer that Topshop and UK Vogue did this, rather than the way Target Australia did it with Stella.

It was a pain to buy a zillion mags left right and centre to read more about Stella for Target. Mind you I do get access to some mags for free, but I kept thinking I was missing out on other coverage in the sunday newspaper mags or what not.

Now I just need my subscription copy of UK Vogue to arrive...

1:31 pm  
Anonymous new look women's clothing said...

Thanks for the post. These days, Kate Moss really is doing better than ever. This is a very good picture of her.

4:12 am  

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