Thursday, March 01, 2007

Balenciaga: Puts Tie Dye back Into Perspective

When describing Balenciaga’s new-romantic grunge collection last night, Susie "Style Bubble" illustrates it perfectly in her comment about how impressed she’d be, seeing that “woven stripy coat priced at god knows how many 1000's of euros, when you can get the same thing at joss-stick selling Camden stalls for £10.” Go Susie! Yes, she’s absolutely right... The collection had elements of a very twisted bohemian look, but it wasn’t all to do with home knitted long rugs from dopy hippy markets. "Palestinian shawls" worn with soft velvet blazers played on the random theme in Ghesquière’s show, but it was more to do with cool girls from Camden college, than dread-locks and weed (though clearly Nic’s Camden girls looked like they’d be up for a smoke or two). Well-cut cricket trousers, turquoise opaque tights, tassley studio 54 disco dresses, and other eye-catching pieces deserve a big applaud in this show... Shoes were as always extremely high, this time with touches from the gladiator scene and colourful ice-hockey equipment. Completely weird of course but at the same time absolutely gorgeous.

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Blogger Trendini said...

I am trying to appreciate his Fall show but it is a bit to out there for me. I am still not over those futuristic (was it metal or bronze plated pants??) of spring 07...did anyone buy those? seriously?

4:13 pm  
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