Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In Paris Palettes Turn to a Colourful Shangri-La

We could of course refer to the flowy, demure, pinky-grey, divine numbers that Elie Saab played a feature of last night in Paris... now how about this gorgeous gown, or perhaps this, or this, or this? But stopping at this would be almost sac religious considering the event. We’re talking couture and full-flared creativity here, and what better person to illustrate this than John Galliano himself?

Like Sarah Mower of Vogue, we’re big fans of Galliano’s playful over-the-top extremity, but in this instant the Vogue correspondent is missing an important angle, which IHT's Suzy Menkes covers in her article yesterday:
“The world-famous designers are more concerned about who wins the fashion Oscars than who will carry away the coveted statuette. "The red carpet is a runway," said Donatella Versace, referring to the competition to woo stars and their stylists into creating a living billboard.”

Of course she's right, but we're wondering who has already put an order in for some fab creations to be made red-carpet style?