Thursday, January 04, 2007

Trend Forecasts for 2007: A Quick Stint Back to The Twenties

Well Happy New Year to all of our readers! We’re hoping that Santa brought tons of Christmas prezzies to you all, and that your New Year's celebrations were infused by lots of happiness. 2006 was a year heavily dominated by gothic skulls, skinny jeans, Paddington bags and patent leather; some features that are best left in 2006. So 2007 - let’s start to have a look at the trend forecasts for this year...

Replacing empire-inspired A-dresses the twenties style is due to make a strong comeback 2007. That is of course, incorporated in its own way where short A-line dresses will come with drop waists, often pleated to mid-thigh. The segue into the twenties shape is carried off, sans effort, with t-shirt dresses and sheer drop waist tunics. Hats and fascinators are brought back, matching metallic leather cluthes and exotic skins studded with large crystal bracelets. Baggy but short are key words for dresses. Karl Lagerfeldt says about his spring summer collection: “The statement is about legs, and when the collection is about legs you have to show a lot of leg.”



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Its really nice!
Check out my blog;D

11:23 pm  
Anonymous Sophie said...

Are u swedish? Just wondering!:)/Sophie♥

11:59 pm  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Hej Sophie, ja, det stammer!

10:28 am  
Anonymous Helen said...

I love that headband - I am planning to replicate it to a lesser extent (can you image walking around with jewels that big on your head, even if they are faux).

11:23 am  
Anonymous Sophie said...

Hihi! Va roligt!:) Vill du att jag kommenterar på svenska eller engelska? /Sophie♥

3:40 am  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Hi Helen, I know - the headband looks brill, doesn't it! Totally over the top... Love it.

Sophie - kommentera garna pa svenska (om du vill alltsa annars ar engelska helt OK). Det kan vara bra for mig att trana upp svenskan lite nu och da:) Tjingeling!

7:57 pm  
Anonymous Anne said...

Bold is in...

5:43 am  

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