Tuesday, February 20, 2007

High Street Bling

High Street-store-meets-designer-brand is a concept that’s clearly gone somewhat over-board these days. We’re not being snobs here and we’re definitely not whinging about the accessibility. No, we mention this as it is a weird phenomenon where the novelty of buying a designer piece at, say H&M, seems... less exciting because of this. Take the most recent designer collaborations where Stella McCartney’s 42- piece collection for Australian Target is planned to maximise Target’s revenue sale by 24%. Target alone isn’t the only budget brand that’s brought in big names to trigger sales figures. We’re thinking instantly of Adidas, Puma and LeSportsac who’ve all exclusified their products by Stella, Yohji Yamamoti and the likes. Victor and Rolf’s gig with H&M lats spring took dramatic proportions where some stores reportedly sold out in less than 10 minutes. Next in line is Kate Moss for Top Shop and (featured here) Madonna’s collaboration with H&M.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have only heard about this kate moss top shop thing, does anyone know where I can see a seek peek? Or when he line is comming out? And while we are on the subject of kate moss style. Where on earth can I find high waisted wide legg jeans? I am feening for a pair, and a pair to fit my 34" inseam would be nice

2:33 pm  
Blogger Jive Lad said...

Couple of points here:
1. Isn't it a case of 'it ain't what you wear .....it's how you wear it'? Some can look great in well-accessorised high-street nondesigner garb - whilst others look duffers in designer outfits - whether or not they bought it in a Top-Shop or not.

2. Ah....the democratisation of designer fashion - it's happening in most consumer markets - so how do designers maintain ther cachet -whilst maximising $? Hmm - perhaps it is a sign of failure that Stella M is moving channels to the High St. - just like her beery namesake.........both are pretty...naff.

3:36 am  
Blogger Queen of Suburbia said...

You make good points Dave, but at the end of the day good ideas will always attract good prices. At the risk of a shameless plug, my brand http://www.queenofsuburbia.com thrives purely on the stregth of the ideas I bring to the table.


12:21 pm  
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