Wednesday, March 07, 2007

LMFF - From a Photographer’s Angle

Following our post yesterday, we’d suggest you'd log onto to see what lovely Hamish Tame has been up to recently. The Sydney-based photographer’s shots of LMFF are again infinitely more fun than the official website itself. His photos cover anything from sleeping beauties, unusual dietary habits (!), affectionate models, and cool hairstyles. Well done, Hamish - you know exactly what we're after!

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Anonymous Flights said...

Soooo fun and so interesting! Thanks for sharing this site.

5:15 am  
Blogger Ostentatious Style said...

Love it! Thanx for sharing!

5:21 am  
Blogger Eli said...

oooh, thats actually really cute and interesting.

8:51 am  
Anonymous Tania said...

These are awesome! :D It's so interesting to see the backstage shots. I'd love to do backstage but didn't get to! We did manage to get some cool shots of the models at the Vivien's after-party -
Next time I'm determined to get backstage though :) Would be great fun!

12:49 pm  

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