Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When Paris Brings Balenciaga We All Say Hail

Metropolis, Bladerunner, Mad Max, I Robot. There’s a long list of famous futuristic films of this genre. Though there was a striking resemblance to Fritz Lang’s she-robot, last night’s main reference had nothing to do with the full- figured German blonde bombshell from 1926. “The collection,” says Ghesquière, “is a tribute to films like Terminator and Tron”. And futuristic robot-chic was certainly on the agenda, as the audience enjoyed Ghesquière’s masterpieces in Paris.

Although based on skinny, almost gothic, masculine structures, the collection had many other objectives. While delighting a few Marilyn Manson fans, Ghesquière retained feminine touches from the 80’s; draped silk dresses lacquered into pseudo-stiffness. Then came the real icing on the cake: shiny, metallic, armour-structured leggings. This is where we’ll see a guaranteed high street retail blast next year.

Although the skinny, low-ridden signature-pants were on stage again this season, new materials and fabrics had been introduced to make this collection a unique winner. But fabrics aside for a moment, what we loved most was perhaps rare usage of metallics, combined with sharp cuts and minimalist details. Phew! Mind blowing, innovative, sexy, dramatic and tons of attitude.

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