Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Read Up on Sofia’s Paris

This city can change your mood completely,” says director Sofia Coppola as she’s guiding New York Times’ Lynn Hirschberg in an exclusive interview/ Paris shopping guide published in New York Times recently. In the guide she’s introducing everything from her favourite chocolate & pastry shops, to specialist seamstresses, where she’s had some of her mother’s YSL shirts from the 1970’s recreated as silk dresses. We'd say this comes pretty damn handy for some fashionistas in the French capital right now.



Anonymous NATRIBU said...

Congratulations! I like very much your blog.
I from Spain (Barcelona) and I have a blog about women with style in the street. If you want you can put my blog in yours links and I'll do the same. Sorry, my English isn't good.
Kinds regards:

1:24 am  
Blogger turlie said...

how funny - i was in paris in october of 2005 when filming began on marie antoinette....i was walking down rue montoguiel one night just arriving back from Nice and she was with some friends waiting for a table for dinner, she was sitting on the curb with a friend and was wearing these adorable chanel ballet slippers....i was going to walk up and pay her a compliment but then i realized who she was and opted to not interupt her!!!!! i am from california we tend to not gawk!

1:53 am  
Anonymous April Ordonez said...

I'm quite excited about her movie...
The fashion + music of her art ALWAYS rocks...

4:20 pm  

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