Monday, October 02, 2006

Thongs For the Memory

Well we’ve been over-busy with research recently – hence the lull. So – back with a vengeance on Sydney streets again, to find the city leads the world of fashion yet again. It has been a long holiday weekend in NSW, with an Ozzie rules football final on Saturday, and a rugby final yesterday. So Sydney has set the trend for the rest of the year – thongs, shorts and baggy football/rugby tops. (You look simply gorgeous dahling: Mmwah, mmwah). For those of you around the globe thinking thongs are a skimpy form of sexy underwear, er, no such luck. Thongs are better known as flip-flops or slappers elsewhere. The surf dudes wear nothing else (on their feet that is – don’t get excited and book a flight just yet), but here in Sydney city, it just doesn’t seem right. Not to worry – this trend will only be with us for, er, the next six months.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hardly any news that thongs are in fashion in Sydney... They've been for the last decade or so (its a lifestyle more than a trend, no?). And for Europe, well, I really think it depends on what kinda summer weather we get here. If its rainy, I dont think too many are gonna sport those thongs.

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