Friday, August 25, 2006

Living La Dolce Vita And The Essence of Rockstars

Jetlagged, tanned and back on track with a few new fabulous fashion pieces... That our absence online was all for a good reason should be obvious. Not only has the one-month-holiday been a great escape from the cool Aussie Winter, but it’s also been fantastic to take part in some good European culture again, like cray fish parties with friends for instance.

Meanwhile, the celeb world is going totally crazy. We’re talking about the fragrance frenzy of course. There’s Posh and Becks’ new “stinker”. There are rumours of Lindsay Lohan’s own fragrance. Oh, and there’s the essence of Paul Stanley & co (shudder to think what that perfume smells like). Now, who would’ve thought the old KISS members would come up with something like that? No really, we don’t mean to be nasty here...

The fact that “Intimately”, Vic and Dave’s own fragrance line, has been described as a “stinker” shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Yes, we’re admitting, we’d love to receive a sample. So sue us... The much-anticipated fragrance made its way to UK’s Superdrug a couple of days ago. Receiving further unimpressive reviews, their new scent will have caused a stir in the Beckhams palace. Perhaps Vic and hubby should’ve consulted Über nose, Luca Turin, before plastering their names on a fragrance less than wonderful? The French-Italian scent expert is the author of “The Secret of Scent”, a real page turner for perfume enthusiasts. His blog is worth reading too.



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