Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gucci by Gucci

What’s in a name,” Sophie Hardach asks in a recently published article. A buying opportunity, the story continues. The fact is that there have been so many books about Gucci, that you could be forgiven for missing out on yet another release based on the luxury label's name. But as Gucci prepares for the 85th anniversary this year, the new book, “Gucci by Gucci” will come right in place. The launch date is due in September and promises 85 years' worth of famous Gucci-clad red carpet moments. Launched during Milan Fashion Week in September this year, it’ll get a good (free) promotion before going on sale in selected bookshops worldwide from November. An exclusive version, wrapped in the extra-special 'La Pelle Guccissima' slip, will also be sold directly from Gucci stores.


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