Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fashion on Channel Nine

Catapulted to Paris, students Jessica Dudgeon, Sophie McGinn and Anita Nordin from Sydney's UTS were given the chance of a lifetime a month ago...

Flipping through Channel Nine’sMornings with Kerri-Anne” this morning, it was enchanting seeing the three young fashion design students’ works. Kerri-Anne, in traditional chirpy morning- show manner, seemed particularly interested in the fabrics. Other than the textiles, she gave an insight to the girls’ process of putting the pieces together. From a creative point of view, which was the purpose of the whole tv-appearance, the work on display was in
deed artistic. An interesting addition in the program was also the follow-up on the Aussie-girls experience in Europe.


Blogger Camille said...

those are the craziest clothes I have ever seen in the picture with the three girls!!!!


4:15 am  

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