Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cutting edge in fashion, photography and music are topics we never tire tapping into. The producers of Oyster magazine can certainly be proud of their glossy fringe fashion bible. Oyster’s fresh approach in editorial, combined with breath taking, high- resolution photographs are only a few reasons why we’re addicted to this bi-monthly issued fashion script.

True to their superior work and reputation within the industry, Oyster’s new website was launched today. Apart from a few good teasers reading “What’s inside this issue” etc, they’ve got a few interesting features on the site. When you've finished admiring the works of Marvin Joseph, Steven Chee, and Miko Lim, etc, you may want to start using the 10 per cent discount at (through Oyster). Cheapskates like us will sign up and participate in the draw to win a pair of jeans from Jeans per capita.


Anonymous Fernanda said...

thanx for the link, it's amazing!
i love your blog!!!!!! it's really a source for mine, since i'm in brazil and appareantly you "hear" things first!!!!! thanx!!!!

4:45 am  
Blogger Daklit said...

good idea...maybe u should try to release your head...

5:25 pm  

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