Friday, June 02, 2006

“Like the Queen, She Doesn’t Dirty the Hands With Actual Opinions”

SMH's articleQueen of all she surveys is thoroughly amusing – go and read it!

“... Behind the armour of Wintour's public image, it is impossible to imagine what she is like off-duty. She has no apparent sense of humour - certainly no sense of the ridiculous, although you do wonder when you see pictures of her wearing a big fur coat, out of which her head protrudes, like someone surfacing through a manhole. The last exchange I have with Wintour is the afternoon after the interview, when she is reviewing the exhibition. She stalks through the dimly lit rooms in her shades while I speak to the curator. Suddenly, she charges over. “Do you have everything you need?" she asks, but before I can finish answering, she has turned on her heel and walked briskly away.”

(Emma Brockes, Sydney Morning Herald, 1 June 2006)


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