Monday, June 12, 2006

Lou Reed’s TT Spectacle

From the days of the Velvet Underground, hanging out with David Bowie and Andy Warhol, Lou Reed just seems to draw attention to an artistic crowd in whatever direction he chooses. Following his production in early albums like “Sally Can’t Dance”, etc, Reed was described as an intriguing picture of a man repulsed by his music, audience, and his habit. This is not a description we, as ardent fans would adhere to. Rather, that Reed’s lyrics, symbolism, and justifiable anger, mirror the political world around him with a valuable message wrapped in beautiful music.

Heavily involved in charity events, such as “Artists for Tsunami Relief” and the “PAX Benefit Gala”, etc, he’s now touring Europe with England being the current stop. A concert at the Isle of Man, this last weekend put an extra sparkle on the TT motorcycle races.

For a guy primarily famous for poetry and music, it was an added bonus to Lou Reed’s fans hearing about the New York photo exhibition in January. Held at the Hermès Gallery and Steve Kasher Gallery retrospectively, the two exhibitions featured Reed’s photographic sense of the place he’s been calling his muse since his childhood.

At 64, Lou is now enjoying another business somewhat different from his normal cultural direction. In collaboration with Davide de Blasio's Tramontano, Lou Reed has introduced “Lou’s Views”, his own eyewear collection to add to the ‘spectacle’ at the Isle of Man.


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great blog. took me back to the tt and concert.

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