Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Spring/Summer 2007 Fashion for Men

Baby blue moccasins and zigzag knitted cardigans, teamed up with matching little delicate vests. Off the topic, it really doesn’t sound all that bad. But considering that these items have been featured in Milan's menswear shows recently, the styles leave a very different impression.

It’s difficult to love the ‘public school boy’ look when Missoni are determined to go for full extremity; throughout the entire collection, we should add. The pink shades and gloves, the pastel coloured golf sweaters, the Bermuda shorts worn with shirt, tie and waistcoat... Yes, even a matching uber-cute golf club carrier was thrown in there too. We’re not entirely sure who would look brilliant in this, but perhaps Missoni's demographics know best how to carry this off. Creative Director Angela Missoni wasn’t the only designer who’d dwelled on the ‘queer eye for the straight guy’ theme this season Roberto Cavalli had called in Saturday Night Fever and Huggy Bear pimp clothes for support. At Prada it was a pyjama party with over-sized football shorts on stick insect legs. Burberry Prorsum sent out some nice suits in general – worn together with ladies hats, belts and handbags.

From left: Missoni, Roberto Cavalli, Burberry Prorsum

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Blogger thomas said...

You can't stop the summer, and because of these many fashion styles has been develop. Unique styles that leave different impression. your right, Missoni's demographic knows really best whether it is spring or summer fashion talk. They are very talented in terms of fashion taste. I personally like their blue blazer, pink shades and ivory suits because it is very elegant and fabulous. They know what's my taste in fashion.

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