Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rinze Van Brug - The Greatest Show on Earth

Hanging out in Amsterdam with graffiti buddies in the 90s, Rinze Van Brug has come a long way. Depicting two very different extremes in his work - one that is serious and considered; the other is creative and playful – Van Brug’s love of story is evident in the development of his works. Influenced by the vivid beats of electro music, his strong graphic design compositions evoke a dream-like ambience. The exhibition “The Greatest Show on Earth” (one of the images shown here), showcased at the Confused Gallery in London earlier this year, and is particularly interesting.



Blogger Lilit said...

I think this king of design is fabulous!

I`ve seen some pictures of him and they are wonderfully!

See you!

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12:32 am  
Anonymous marissa said...

These shots are beautiful! It reminds me of the Pierelli calenders.

10:58 am  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

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6:40 pm  

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