Thursday, September 14, 2006

Marc Jacobs for Jabba The Hutt

Maternity leave. Twentie’s style goes pear-shaped. Stuffed pillows inside oversized garments. Take an old grand father’s jacket and spray paint it gold. Take a pair of his pants and chop them off below the knee. Turn a scarf into a hat with a peak on it. Oh, and make all of this so big that only pachyderms like Fat Bastard can fit into it.

Gorgeous daahhling.

If this was maternity leave, it would be pretty cool - unfortunately it's not. Rather than flattering the beauty of a pregnant woman, this 'style' mocks less shapely women through distortion.

Contrary to his previous shows, where we've raved about his superb designs, this show was far from the same standard. Masculine pleat fronted trousers, and buttoned-up white shirts filled the show, as did oversized 'house-frau blouses' and skirts wide over the hips. It didn’t flatter Marc’s stick insect models & it sure wouldn’t flatter you if you’re bigger than Kate Moss. Come on Marc, we love you to bits and know you can do so much better than this.

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Anonymous marissa said...

I really liked the mj show- I thought it was a lot more wearable and interesting then his fall/winter show, while still playing on the whole 90's revival that's going on the fashion.

11:40 am  
Blogger Herbie said...

Yeah, it was pretty good. And about the less shaped...hum, they need to know what to wear. You can't have everything, right?!

2:00 am  
Anonymous fashion.faux.pas said...

Yes! Really love MJs SS07.
Fun fun fun!! We desp. need some humour in fashion, and it looks like we got it with MJ and Walker...

1:26 pm  
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