Sunday, April 10, 2005

Oldies But Goldies

We recently heard that the blue and white gingham dress, worn by Judy Garland in 1939 when she played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, is due to be auctioned at Bonhams, London on April 27. The dress is estimated to come on the market with bids starting at £25,000-35,000. We don't have a particular hankering for this type of dress code, but it's always fascinating to see how much money people are ready to spend on such things. Would anyone wear it, or would it be put into a museum (and if so, why isn't it already in a museum?). Bonhams is an auction house well established in England, Australia and the US, so they should know their price ranges but it'll be interesting to see how much the dress is worth. We'll put our coolchiq neck out & guess it goes for around £100,000. And if Judy Garland's old frock doesn't come across interesting enough, this will be sold along with other film related material. In their "Rock and Film Memorabilia" collection, they're also selling framed original posters from the good old days. Like one of our favourite films Gone With The Wind. Ahh yes - posters - not a lot to do with fashion, but "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". Shame Bonhams aren't auctioning off the Vivienne Leigh (Scarlet O'Hara) blood red velvet dress. Now THAT would have been worth bidding for!


Blogger CrankyBiscuit said...

Oh my god, YES. That velvet "harlot" dress with the tulle shawl was just amazing, easily the most beautiful dress in the movie.

I'd also pay good money for the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina to the birthday bash.

12:56 pm  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Yes, the Sabrina dress was fantastic looking. And I also love all of the outfits Audrey Hepburn wore in "Roman Holiday", she looked suberb throughout the film!

5:12 pm  
Blogger Asian Lep said...

! I HAVE to have the Judy Garland dress.

All time, favorite movie, EVER. I watched it twice a day, every day, from the time I was two until the time I was five.

7:04 am  
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