Sunday, April 03, 2005

Not Square At All

Dsquared2 is the Italian fashion label of Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten who relocated to Milan in 1995 to further their dreams of fashion design. Dsquared2 has been successful because of their inventive and radical approach to fashion. Described as 'haute couture casual', another way of talking about their collections is the untapped divide between high and low fashion. Their range flirts appealingly between street and catwalk, with an artistic edge difficult to obtain. Dean and Dan Caten talk about their own selection as "...Design that we'd like to wear ourselves. We want people to look cool, not dressed up".

This style is something you may see in any fashion capital, but as far as the Sydney street wear's concerned, we're just hitting a new era. The big department store David Jones is now launching Dsquared2, and we can't wait to check out what the fabulous twins have in store for us. Their Milan autumn/winter 2005-6 collection is very cool, as can be seen below. Well-worn leathers, cropped pencil trousers and soft, floppy borsalino hats mixed with a refined selection of accessories, such as our favourite, the silk scarf. With the great use of colours, layers and accessories, we simply love this selection. Though we shudder to think how we'd get through the piles of snow in Europe in those fabulous open toed high heels... View the full collection here.


Blogger Barneys Girl said...

Oo i love David Jones! Its like the Saks of Aussie. Anywho, yes D Square sounds interesting. I first saw it on America's Next Top Model.

12:52 am  
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