Monday, April 30, 2007


First out in the Women's Ready-To -Wear 1 Show (WRTW1), was Dhini, a Melborne-based label, run by designer Dhini Pararajasingham. Dhini studied fashion design in Tokyo, but ended up in London for a few years, before coming back to Australia again. The show featured tailored, high-waist pants combined with funky hooded jackets, which came with loose ‘bits’ hanging off the garments. The majority of the collection was quite interesting, but lacked completeness all the way, with a few pieces that somehow didn’t quite seem to fit in. We can see the potential for Dhini, but would like to see more from this label before we give our final nod of approval.

High Tea With Mrs Woo did their usual gig of
unique combinations of West meets Eastern charm. ShowOff had very little to show off about unfortunately all very bland stuff. Funky Silence is Golden played on the French theme with navy influences, including stripy off-the-shoulder cotton dresses, all cute with black bum-pockets. The girls all wore très chic berets to add to the continental feel of the collection. We absolutely loved the cool black and white brogues.



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