Sunday, April 22, 2007

New York Fashion Now - V&A

From London’s Victoria & Albert Museum comes another brilliant exhibition not to be missed (remember Popoganda and Fashion-ology?). “New York Fashion Now” will showcase clothes and accessories from a range of New York's emerging fashion talent. But the angle is not just a selection of interesting clothes, but rather to illustrate New York as a working environment for the fashion industry. By emphasising how its creative legacy, successful fashion empires, and press & retail sectors work hand-in-hand, it’ll be a fascinating exhibition to visit. The display will feature twenty dynamic young design labels (most of them launched within the past three to seven years) such as Zac Posen, Maggie Norris, Thom Brown, Mary Ping and Derek Lam. It’ll chart the contributions each has made to the fashion industry and will include elegant sportswear, new menswear, expressions of craft and avant-garde design. Opened on 17 April it’ll run until 23 September.



Blogger dianabobar said...

Here is how I wore my golden tracksuit/leggings:

disco fever anyone?
have fun!

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