Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Comme des Garcons Come Out to Play

Back in the glorious days of the nineties you may recall Odeour53, the weird scent which caused a bit of a stir for its odd name and many tasteless jokes (“How did they get the cat to sit on the bottle?” etc. and other delightful jokes). The result of the blending of 53 un-conventional scents somewhat faded and was soon forgotten - only to erupt again in April 2007, when the Japanese designer came back with a vengeance. The perfume, presented in a childish-looking design appearance, isn’t at all related to the Minnie Mouse ears that Rei Kawakubo sent out on stage in Paris not long ago. Though you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s an extension of the collection when you hear the name of the perfume is "Play". The perfume is extremely simple with classic ingredients such as -
Head: bitter orange, black pepper, lime and saffron
Heart: thyme, sage and sea notes
Base: oak moss, patchouli and musk



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