Saturday, September 24, 2005

After Shopping At The Duvel Cafe

This is one of our favourite bars in Stockholm simply because this place has tons of character, is so cosy, and the service is excellent. Belgian beer and excellent wine is the thing to order, but if you’re hungry after a long day in town, then go for their moules frites. This is a place where you’re best sat facing the street, watching the world go by as you discuss what, how and when your new investments best should be worn. Oh, almost forgot... sat facing the street also means immediate access to their huge windows, which is a perfect place to put all your new shopping bags in. Expect to see a few gourmet folks around, but not really that many fashionistas. Having said this, we love this place though, and feel right at home here.
What: The Duvel Café (next door to Pressklubben, which is also a pretty good place)
When: 6pm+ (avoid the theatre crowd that usually takes over this place at around 9pm+)
Where: Vasagatan 50, Stockholm
Dresscode: Casual-semi glam. You’ll feel totally over dressed wearing anything too fancy. Jeans, high heels and a kaftan is about as glam as it gets.


Blogger Britta said...

Håller med dig - deras öl är en av sthlm's finest.

9:54 pm  
Blogger la.dauphine said...

I just found you're blog... love all the great pics!

Moules frites is my favorite, although you don't find it much where I live (Atlanta, GA). With some nice Duvel... mmmmm!

1:15 am  
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