Saturday, September 17, 2005

Anna Sui Does It Again

Maybe it's to do with the special love we've had for Anna Sui's boots before, or that we've been madly in love with one of her beautiful dresses. Or perhaps it's the fact that her wonderful winter 05/06 collection has provided so much inspiration... whatever it is, Anna Sui has left us in awe again, and we can easily say that this is the most inspiring show we've seen throughout NY's fashionweek. The flowy textiles and flower prints are divine, and the colours are totally glowing. The cuts, ranging from waistlines below the bust or dropped down to the hips, made this collection really versatile. And what a brilliant idea - 3/4 length tights to stop the chill when the temperature drops. This is exactly what we love! (Oh, btw, spot the Swede!)


Blogger Buster Stronghart said...

Blazing shoes!

1:06 pm  
Blogger Surfing Free said...

Fantastic dresses! *Sigh* ... I do not believe the perfect summer dress is out there. One that is good for big boobs (so no spaghetti straps), is light yet not see-through, does not cling too much at the waist, and is the perfect just-below-the-knee length. Oh, and does not cost $1000!!

8:13 am  
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