Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Features On coolchiq

We know there's a big crowd of demanding fashionistas out there, so we've decided to give our overworked keyboard a really good job and publish a few sections each week that you'll find invaluable. Just look at the new features on coolchiq -

After shopping
- As we all know, a good shopping spree doesn't finish in the shopping mall, does it? These features will cover our favourite cocktail/wine bars, the ultimate places to go when our poor, sore, shopping-feet can't handle one more boutique... If you're a coolchiq, you deserve nothing less than a damn good cocktail, in one of the most glamorous places in the world. Some where you can rest assured your new purchases will come handy. Bars from all over the world will be reviewed, featured or slaughtered, and a dress code indicator will tell you what or what not to wear, or even who you're likely to bump into. Mwah, dahlings... Stolly Bolly!

coolchiq loves...
- Here we'll cover our favourite garments of the moment, may it be a pair of jeans, the latest Manolos, jewellery or vintage bags. Bagsy this one, we say, or let's just hope He'll finally read our subtle hints.

coolchiq features...
- Here you'll find our favourite shops. So get ready to go shopping, and find out why these places are just awesome!


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