Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Shoe Must Go On

The Fashion Week has come to an end, and it’s with great excitement, a little nostalgia and sore feet we look back at highlights of the shows. But there are many other events lined up for fashionistas... If you’re a lover of exhibitions for instance, you’ll find Canberra’s Museum and Gallery’s current exhibition “The Shoe Must Go On”, the perfect place to check out. This is a display of Marika Harvey’s shoe collection, representing every decade from the 1920’s to current date. Marika Harvey is Australia’s own Imelda Marcos, and she’s lent the museum 130 pairs of her own shoes. The golden age of fashion in the 1950s is represented by shoes by Roger Vivier, creator of the first stiletto, followed by examples of Mary Quant creations from the 1960s. Now, unless you live in Canberra, this exhibition will be difficult to visit. But it’s a sign of the time that - along with Metropolitan Museum The Costume Institute’s Chanel Exhibition and many other fashion events we’ve covered - the interest for fashion and beauty is getting more commonly recognized. More international events are found at Fashiondig – check it out.


Blogger Ablund said...

Åhhh vad det har kommit en massa söta sommarskor :-). Det är verkligen dax att plocka fram och införskaffa lite nya söta skor...snart är det ju varmt även i Svedala ;-)

5:16 pm  
Blogger Jack Naka said...

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