Saturday, May 07, 2005

MAFW Day 5

Ten “New Generation” designers were showing their work in the Harbour Room today. The designers and their labels were Flamingo Sands, Curtis, Gail Sorranda, A.R.X, ZaneRobe, Zanthus, Nyou, Jeenanun, Stevie and Valerija. We’d come to see only a few of them, but those special items which caught our attention were some of the highlights of this show.

Flamingo Sands were showing a sparkling selection of hip beach wear. A.R.X. had a good mix of casual evening wear/going to the beach clothes. Gail Sorranda presented a great, retro chic collection to a background of Jim Morrison’s gorgeous voice, singing Riders of the Storm. Valerija had worked hard on her Gypsy collection, bringing in a multi coloured chiffon dress with a long back, a piece that completely stole the attention of the show. And finally the men got some well deserved attention in this week – Curtis, ZaneRobe, and Nyou presented some hunky collections that we'd refer any guy to check out.


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