Thursday, May 03, 2007

RAFW - Arabella Ramsay

We swapped Nicola Finetti for Arabella Ramsay this evening, but it was a difficult choice as we're big Finetti-lovers and know little of Arabella Ramsay. It's also a big ask to judge a label’s potential, without a prior viewing.

What was on stage was lovely, very sweet and left a more-ish feeling, which is always a good sign. But there were more than a few international references, that were so obviously ‘influenced’ by other designers that it couldn't possibly be just sheer coincidence.

We probably weren't the first in the audience, to reflect on the banana necklace at the opening of the show. After all, didn’t Chloe 2001 do exactly that? But the show went on, and the denim
section covered shorts, waistcoats, and dresses which reminded us of Karen Walker. Outfits in matching petroleum green were followed by a silky section, that brought back Chloe in mind again. We absolutely loved the straw 'riding hats', though we immediately thought of Balenciaga autumn 2006. Still, thumbs-up for this show though.



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