Thursday, October 06, 2005

Suits You Madam!

Remember how we went on-and-on about Balenciaga's winter 05 collection? Well, déjà vu... It's time to raise our praises to Nicholas Ghesquiere again. What we've loved about his previous collections, has been his excellent repertoire of super fine cuts, retro-influenced fine details, and of course the amazing fabrics. And here's to Mr Ghesquiere again; he's not letting us down this season either. This collection presents an inspiring selection of dresses, fitted jackets and pencil trousers that we can easily see ourselves wearing. It's not just the cuts or the fabrics this time, it's the combination of ruffled frilly collars, and stripy black-white trousers. This stuff's got so much attitude that you'd be happy to wear this at the office, or at a Marilyn Manson concert. And seeing as we always love versatile two-piece suits, then this should be an ideal choice.


Blogger Barneys Girl said...

Hey Coolchiq!

Hows it going? And I agree. The new balanciaga collection was fabulous! And we picked the same white suit set!! :D I was also going to do the striped pants one, but there was just too little time and too many beautiful clothes!! But great minds obviously think alike ;)

10:29 am  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Hi Barneys Girl, yes, the whole collection was great, wasn't it! He's such a genious, one of my favourite designers...

8:53 am  
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