Monday, January 03, 2005

Fair dinkum!

Next on the agenda is the fair at Älvsjömässan on 19 and 20 Februrary 2005 in which there’s 4 different themes - the shoe and bag fair, a health section, jewelries/watches/accessories, and the Rookies designer display, which I find the most interesting. The fair will show trends in this area for autumn 2005/winter 2006.
Conveniently enough, the year 2005, has been announced as the Swedish Year of Design (Designåret) in Sweden. The goal of this project, commissioned by the Swedish government, is to illustrate how design affects society. Fashion design obviously plays a vital role in the evolution of Swedish design and, hopefully, the Year of Design 2005 will, through this, establish fashion as one of Sweden’s cultural resources, in amongst the other design disciplines.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hej Petra! Tänkte nog att du skulle sitta här vid bloggen.Det här var intressant mässa kanske att man skulle åka dit, vem vet! Det är ju intressanta objekt så att säga. Puss Mamma

6:08 am  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Hej mamma, jag absolut att du ska aka pa den massan. VI borde ga pa den massan tillsammans! PUSS!

6:58 am  

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