Monday, January 03, 2005

Vegetarian shoes...?

Yesterday Manolo wrote about some anti-brands with the purpose of expressing their dislikes for certain companies. A revolutionary Stockholm girl had set up her business with the obvious message communicated to the rest of the world that she hates J Lindeberg stuff. The other rebellion mentioned, was the shoe company Blackspot Sneaker, a company that produces ‘Converse look-a-like-shoes’ but with a sarcastic twist to it. There’s a red dot at the front of the shoe, positioned there as an indicator where Phil Knights should best get his ass kicked (Phil Knights, former CEO of Nike and the company that also runs Converse). All entertaining subjects naturally, but the thing that caught our attention in the piss take of Converse was their claim of production of shoes made out of vegetarian leather. Vegetarian leather. As interesting as this sounded, we had to do some research, and got quite a few results. Somehow the fact that it’s 2005 doesn’t quite explain why non-breathable shoes should be something desirable…albeit vegetarian. Totally bizarre, but refreshing for a good laugh.


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