Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Girl Power

Jenny Packham had already treated us to a supreme spring/summer collection not long ago. Our hopes were set rather high for Jenny to deliver the sequel. And there it was, in Battersea Park. The collection was a nirvana of sequin dresses, kaftans and drop dead gorgeous evening dresses. Not gala glamour by far, but still dazzling and could worn by any coolchiq, any time of the day (ehh..well nearly). Being spoilt for choice, it's difficult to pick the number we loved most, but our favourites were the delicate chiffon dresses in lots of different pale colours. The combination of mixing the strong, bright, gorgeous tights with these dresses, made a deep impact that we were majorly impressed by. The results are probably easier to obtain than we'd like to think. As long as you're ready to ditch the black/nude stockings, and opt for a totally different colour, you've got a Jenny number. This is glamorous, wearable fashion delivered at its finest moments, and we're pleased to say that Jenny Packham beat most of her over rated colleagues by far.

Paul Smith's message was loud and clear, and disappointingly basic; a pair of orange tights, and we're set for the winter. So that gives us a simple target for the weekend - bright tights and lots of them. Thanks Paul, but Jenny told us that in a more interesting way -


Blogger Moca said...

Being that I'm not familiar with either designer, I'm not sure who's designs the pics were of. But I did like the feminity of the dresses but not a fan of the outrageously bright tights. Keep doing a good job of the reviews. I love reading them.

1:43 pm  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! It's impossible to recognise the designer oufits as the style usually changes. Only a few designers stick to the same type of style and fabric. The picture of the three sassy girls are part of Jenny's show though.

7:54 am  
Blogger SprintST1 said...

Very pre-raphaelite.
Love them. And sneakily a bit boho too I suspect.

9:43 am  
Blogger Harrods Girl said...

Wow. I've never noticed this Jenny designer before, but thanks for once agin showing us a wonderful designer. I love the designs you featured here, and I will probably put her on my London Fashion Week Wrapup blog this week. Your fashion week reviews are great. Keep them up!

12:35 pm  
Anonymous Girl Power said...

Feel My Wrath!

2:34 pm  
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