Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bella, Bella, Donatella

There's no question about it - Donatella's up and running, and well recovered after the rehab! Yes, the Italian Bella proved to us in the Milan fashion show that Versace is a strong, blue chip fashion label, and it's now delivering highly desirable goods again. It's not a label that should be mistaken for a run down, mismanaged company. Whether Versace have had professional consultants giving them guide lines on the company structure, we don't know, but the show was a feast for the eye, that left us all very impressed. The focus on 85 percent day wear was a wise move indeed. The collection, named Classico says it all. Safe colours ranging from off white, cream, cappuccino and black, contrasted by occasional use of turquoise, acid green, cerise and chocolate brown. The clean cut, striking dresses, the versatile first class jackets and skirts, and the gorgeous, gorgeous bags, are enchanting results that Don Gianni would have been pleased to have seen. Donatella shows the world that she's one helluva leading lady. Front row audience including Missy Elliott, Elizabeth Hurley, the Canadian fashion design duo Dean and Dan Caten, and colleauge Miuccia Prada seemed thrilled by the show.

Having been totally secluded from the fashion world for a time (filling our suit cases with sun lotions, flip flops and Kangaroo friendly outfits...), this was an extremely impressive show, and we can't wait to check out what Donatella has to offer in Sydney when we move there next week..


Blogger Moca said...

From the pics you have shown, the collection looks beautiful. Very classy, sophisticated and timeless. I'm not a big fan of fur, but I love mix of brown, cream, off-white and the caramel color boots. All the shades of brown are great colors for any complexion.

9:26 am  
Blogger Harrods Girl said...

Dontella indeed gave a spetacular glamourous, yet definately ready-to-wear show, (like finally!) Versace will certainly sell well next season. The hollywood stars must think so too, as a lot ended up wearing Versace for the Oscars. Coincidence no?

12:22 pm  
Blogger CrankyBiscuit said...

Wow, I adore the white coat. So elegant! I'm glad to see them going in this direction, as they were way too crazy out there for a very long time.

6:06 am  

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