Sunday, January 09, 2005

Buddha Bar

Mingle with the rest of us, sweetie!


Blogger JJ said...

Too much fizz guzzled over the New Year, dahlings. Morgito and JJ went to a 'Pink Party' for NYEve. We outgayed the brave gay boys who dared to 'strut their stuff' but Morgito was the only 6ft treeworking hunk in a pink boa. Local boys managed pink T shirts and glitter on tanned shoulders.
An audacious lot, especially given this was NYEve in Toowoomba Queensland - home of Hard Yakka workboots (quite gay in their own way...), Cowboy hats, big trucks and tiny 'stubbies' (those are little work shorts for our global not very Australian readers!)
Really - with gear like that, Queensland should be as camp as a row of tents! JJ wore the fabulous 2nd hand pink and red cartoon dress she found in Brisbane Opshop when out with Coolchiq. Stunning!
Mwaah Dahhling...we were simply Maaahvellous at new Year - and Bet you were too!
PS JJ had to do some urgent surgery on was nobbled by a very rude person who posted some vulgar messages! Shocking!

10:47 am  
Blogger coolchiq said...

Darling, it sounds like the JJ and Morgito had a ball on New Years Eve. We would've loved to have been there too, especially seeing the arbologist Morgito dressed up wearing a pink feather boa. Bet the gorgeous couple looked a million dollars!! coolchiq remembers JJ's Brisbane Dress vividly. It's now got a name - the Brisbane Dress. :)

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Blogger SprintST1 said...

But is it Sweetie Dahling or Sweeeeeetie Dhaaaaaarrrhhling?

10:36 am  
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