Sunday, January 16, 2005

Aprés Shopping

After a packed day's shopping it's almost compulsory to go for a celebratory glam cocktail to review the investment successes with the other coolchiqs. But why have cocktails when we can have BUBBLES! And you don't have to buy champers as there are tons of great sparkling wines out there, some of which are just as good as average Champagne. Our favourites are -

- Codorniu Brut, Nice inexpensive Spanish Cava $
- Jacobs Creek Chardonnay pinotnoir, Good Oz easy drinking $$
- Seaview - Great Oz classic in Demi Sec, Brut, & Brut de Brut (all good) $$
- Pongracz Methode Cap Classique, Superb South African bubbly - better than many Champagnes $$$
- Moet et Chandon - Old Faithfull classic - easy drinking, but can be rather sour depending upon the year $$$$
- Billecart-Salmon Brut - Label doesn't look up to much but the Champagne is The Dog's Bollocks - superb Champagne, with chocolatey after taste - served in the finest Paris hotels & coolchiq dinner tables at home. $$$$$
- What else? Freixenet $ Spanish Cava, the world's biggest selling sparkling wine & how they get the cats to sit on the bottles? Cheap shite. Bolli's always great, Krug & Dom Perignon great but overpriced $$$$$$$$$


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hej Pwtra!
Vad kul att du var på shopping idag, det var jag också. Det blev inget bubbel för mig men kaffe och cheesecake ,där vi var och fikade i julas. Det blev manchesterjeans, tröja och t-shirt, potatisfärg på jeans o tröja och rosa t-shirt. Älskar dig kram mamma

6:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

enjoyed it and I will be adding it to my favorites. I have a really cool

10:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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